Omnichannel in the New World

We are living in the Now Economy, where the consumer expects a seamless customer experience. For marketers, the meaning is clear: Deliver your message across all channels, whether it’s print, in-store, mobile, online or TV. We know this, but have not yet hit the optimum method for cross-device and cross-platform delivery or measurement. When all's said and done, it’s vital to know what the true consumer path to purchase is. So, a new measurement approach is key to creating the connection between formats and efficiency across the purchase funnel, in order to create significant shifts in sales and consideration.

Panelists will discuss the robust econometric models used for targeting, measuring, and optimizing their omnichannel campaigns. How can brands meet their marketing goals across the purchase funnel? What is the optimal allocation for your campaign? How can you make your mobile investment work harder? We know last click is lame, but what’s the better alternative?

This session’s insights make it a must-see for everyone in the marketing ecosystem who is serious about connecting the dots between campaigns and sales.

Where & When
Wednesday, November 1st
12:10pm - 12:40pm
Main Agenda
Stream 2: Data is the New Black
Head of Industry Research
Mobile Marketing Association
SVP of Media Measurement and Optimization
Director of Search & Biddable Media
VP Marketing
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